Open Mic: Next in Health Series – Net Zero Healthcare (EN)

Sie möchten mehr über die Trends erfahren, die den Wandel im Gesundheitswesen beeinflussen werden? Nehmen Sie am Open Mic: Next in health teil!

  • 12. Jul. 2022
  • 16:30 - 17:45 Uhr
  • Fachvortrag
  • Kooperation mit: Basel Area Business & Innovation
  • Für Medizin
  • kostenfrei
Novartis Pavillon, St. Johanns-Hafen-Weg 5, 4056 Basel
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Basel Area Business & Innovation has announced the second event of the Open Mic: Next in Health Series on Net Zero Healthcare. The series invites leaders from vastly different backgrounds to take the mic and share their view on the trends, which will influence the transformations in healthcare. At the brand-new Novartis Pavillon, were already discussed the effects of AI and plan to further spice up the conversation by talking about carbon neutrality, Web3 and digital pharma, thus fostering progress in the Basel Area.

Net Zero Healthcare
A growing movement in the health sector acknowledges that the climate crisis together with COVID, the wildfires, floods and other manifestations of a growing climate emergency, is a health crisis. Although many initiatives made it clear that we need to retool healthcare to be both pandemic prepared and climate-ready, the paradox remains standing: The healthcare’s climate footprint is equivalent to 4.4% of global net emissions and is projected to triple between now and 2050, if no serious action is taken by all stakeholders. Industry players and start-ups put a great effort in designing solutions to tackle Healthcare Decarbonisation and bring healthcare towards zero emissions. Nevertheless, what can we do more precisely in order to move from words to action?

Net Zero Healthcare
from Novartis Pavillon in Basel
12 July 2022, 16:30 – 17:45 on site* or online
* Location and apéro kindly sponsored by Novartis

The Novartis Pavillon is easily reachable by bike and tram (11 to Voltaplatz / 1 to Novartis Campus), parking is limited. In the spirit of the event topic, we kindly urge you to use a carbon neutral transportation to join us on site.

On stage

  • Rob Scott, Global Head of Product & Network, Novartis Biome
  • Christian Abshagen, Head of Sustainability, University Hospital Basel
  • Nazneen Rahman, Founder & CEO, YewMaker
  • Hanns-Christian Mahler, CEO, ten23 health